Emmanuel Church Canterbury


At Emmanuel we love students, and think that uni is a fantastic place to be a Christian.

Many people in our church would look back on their student days as a time when they really grew in their faith, got stuck into the Bible and had brilliant opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with their mates. Some even came to know Jesus for the first time at uni! 

That's just one reason why we're passionate about helping you make the most of the time you spend studying here in Canterbury. 

We run a student group on Thursday nights during term time, where we study the Bible, encourage and pray for each other, and help each other grow in maturity in our service of Jesus the rest of the week. There's always plenty of cake and hot drinks too! This year we're going to be digging into the book of Romans.

Many students also appreciate the chance to meet up with an older Christian during the week for coffee, chat and one-to-one Bible study, which we're more than happy to arrange.

Every person who makes Emmanuel their home is vital to the life of the church. So there are plenty of chances to serve in the church in different ways - e.g. baking for the student group, helping with Sunday School or creche, playing in the music group, serving on the welcome team or with tea and coffee after services, helping with our monthly care home services. Come along and put your gifts to use as part of Christ's body here at Emmanuel!

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